The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is the life story of Jesus - his birth, teachings, miracles, death and resurrection.

The book of Matthew was written by the disciple, Matthew, according to early church writers. It may have been the first gospel to appear. It was most likely written some time between A.D.50 and A.D.70.

It shares many verses with both Mark and Luke and therefore is called a "synoptic" (like) gospel. There was possible a "Q" document that all the gospel writers drew from with the exception of John. Or, it is possible that the other synoptics drew from Matthew, or they all drew from Mark, if indeed Mark was the first gospel. We know that Luke wrote his gospel later than Matthew and Mark. John was the last gospel written.

Matthew was written primarily for Jews and therefore stresses Old Testament Scripture and the theme of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Matthew uses "Kingdom of Heaven" instead of "Kingdom of God", which respected the Jewish hesitation to use the holy name of God.

There are five major discourses of Jesus given in this gospel: Sermon on the Mount (Chapters 5-7); Sending of the Twelve (Chapter 10); The Parables (Chapter 13); Principles of the Kingdom (Chapter 18); and Prophecy (Chapters 24-25).

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Birth of Jesus

Matthew 1The record of the birth of Jesus Christ. Coming Soon!

King Herod

Matthew 2King Herod tried unsuccessfully to kill the child, Jesus. Coming Soon!

John, The Baptist

Matthew 3John, the Baptist, announced to the world the life and ministry of Jesus. Coming Soon!

Temptation of Jesus

Matthew 4The Man, Jesus, went through temptations as we do, and yet he was without sin. Coming Soon!

The Beatitudes
Sermon on the Mount I

Matthew 5Sermon on the Mount I: The Beatitudes (beautiful attitudes) are presented as the blessed features of Christian personality. The higher law of the Spirit is also expressed. Coming Soon!

Practicing Your Piety
Sermon on the Mount II

Matthew 6Sermon on the Mount II: The three pillars of Christian piety are indicated: Giving, Praying and Fasting. True treasure and the folly of worry are also discussed. Coming Soon!

View of Others
Sermon on the Mount III

Matthew 7Sermon on the Mount III: Relationships to God, others and ourselves are described. The proper foundation for life is given. Coming Soon!

Jesus Helps People

Matthew 8Jesus ministered healing to a sick man, a Roman soldier, a demon possessed man and to many citizens of Capernaum. A furious storm on the Lake of Galilee was calmed by Jesus. Coming Soon!

Our Response to Jesus

Matthew 9Jesus healed more people and even raised a young girl from the dead. Coming Soon!

Pattern for Evangelism

Matthew 10Jesus instructs his 12 disciples on how to carry out an evangelistic outreach to the various communities in the region. Coming Soon!

Doubt and Unbelief

Matthew 11Unbelief in many of the cities of the Galilee region is noted along with the danger that awaits the unrepentant. Coming Soon!

Hostile Questions

Matthew 12The question of the Sabbath is raised and answered (legalism). The "unpardonable sin" is also explained. Coming Soon!

Kindgdom of God

Matthew 13Many of the parables of Jesus regarding the nature of the Kingdom of God are grouped together in this chapter. Coming Soon!

Quest for Meaning

Matthew 14Jesus fed (at least) 5,000 people at once. He also walked on the water of the Lake of Galilee. His power over the material and over nature was demonstrated. Coming Soon!

Tradition and Faith

Matthew 15How important is tradition in the practice of Christian faith? Jesus spoke to that often troubling issue. He also fed (at least) 4,000 people at once. Coming Soon!


Matthew 16The great confession of Peter and the other disciples in the true identity of Jesus, the Messiah, is here given. Also, Jesus began to speak of his own suffering, death and resurrection. Coming Soon!

Mountain Top Experience

Matthew 17The Transfiguration - one of the greatest and least known events in the life of Jesus. Coming Soon!


Matthew 18What will make a person great in the Kingdom of God? Does Jesus care about his lost children? How many times do we need to forgive a brother or sister, who offends us? All these matters are answered by Jesus. Coming Soon!

Marriage and Affluence

Matthew 19Marriage and divorce are presented. The "exception rule" in divorce is given. The Christian and material wealth is discussed. Coming Soon!

Attitudes in Christian Service

Matthew 20The attitudes of a person in Christian service are spoken of, among other important topics. Once again Jesus predicts his approaching crucifixion. Coming Soon!

Triumphal Entry

Matthew 21The last week of Jesus' life began with the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday). Jesus is the Sovereign of the Kingdom of God, although largely unrecognized at this point. Important parables are given. Coming Soon!

Four Questions

Matthew 22Four questions are answered: taxes, marriage, the greatest commandment and the Sonship of the Messiah. Coming Soon!

Seven Woes

Matthew 23Jesus pronounced seven woes on the hypocritical religious leadership of Jerusalem. He was deeply saddened by the unbelief of so many of the Jews. Coming Soon!

The End of the Age

Matthew 24Following Jesus' prediction of the destruction of the Temple, the disciples asked when this would happen and what the signs of his coming and the end of the age would be. A number of signs are given in this "Olivet Discourse" found in three gospels (Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21). Coming Soon!


Matthew 25As a follow-up on the key teachings of the "Olivet Discourse", Jesus gives two parables and one teaching: The parable of the ten virgins, the parable of the talents, and the teaching of the sheep and the goats. Coming Soon!

Christ Died for You

Matthew 26 & 27Following the "Last Supper" (Maundy Thursday), the prayers and betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane, the arrest and trials of Jesus, our Lord was crucified and buried (Good Friday). Christ died for our sins. Coming Soon!

Christ Really is Risen

Matthew 28After three days, Jesus rose from the grave (Easter Sunday). He is risen! He is risen indeed! He then saw his disciples several times in Jerusalem and gave them the "Great Commission" to take the "good news" (Gospel) of Jesus Christ into the entire world. He ascended into heaven (recorded in Mark, Luke and Acts). He is coming again! Coming Soon!