2nd Samuel

Second Samuel is all about David's kingship and family. He ruled seven years over Judah and thirty-three years over the United Kingdom of the south (Judah) and the north (Israel) for a total of 40 years. During this reign there were highs and lows. But through it all David showed, that in spite of his imperfections, he had a heart for God.

Second Samuel can be outlined in the following manner:

  • David becomes king over Judah (2 Samuel 1-4)
  • David becomes king over all Israel (2 Samuel 5:1-5)
  • David conquers Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:6-25)
  • David brings the Ark to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6)
  • David is promised an everlasting kingdom (2 Samuel 7)
  • David's kingdom is geographically extended (2 Samuel 8)
  • David faithful to his agreement with Jonathan (2 Samuel 9)
  • David commits adultery and murder (2 Samuel 10-12)
  • David's sons Amnon and Absalom are lost (2 Samuel 13-20)
  • David's reign is considered (2 Samuel 21-24)

The lessons below concern themselves with the life of David as king.