The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is the life story of Jesus - his birth, teachings, miracles, death and resurrection.

The book of Matthew was written by the disciple, Matthew, according to early church writers. It may have been the first gospel to appear. It was most likely written some time between A.D.50 and A.D.70.

It shares many verses with both Mark and Luke and therefore is called a "synoptic" (like) gospel. There was possible a "Q" document that all the gospel writers drew from with the exception of John. Or, it is possible that the other synoptics drew from Matthew, or they all drew from Mark, if indeed Mark was the first gospel. We know that Luke wrote his gospel later than Matthew and Mark. John was the last gospel written.

Matthew was written primarily for Jews and therefore stresses Old Testament Scripture and the theme of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Matthew uses "Kingdom of Heaven" instead of "Kingdom of God," which respected the Jewish hesitation to use the holy name of God.

There are five major discourses of Jesus given in this gospel: Sermon on the Mount (Chapters 5-7); Sending of the Twelve (Chapter 10); The Parables (Chapter 13); Principles of the Kingdom (Chapter 18); and Prophecy (Chapters 24-25).