The Life of Jesus

The life of Jesus could be considered in a number of ways. Pastor Art has elected to touch on the high-points of the Lord's earthly existence and to do so in 12 lessons. This will take the listener from the eternity of Jesus through his earthly sojourn and back into his eternal state. Above all you will see Jesus as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity and in that role as the redeemer of humankind.

A possible chronology of the life and ministry of Jesus is as follows:

  • Birth (4 B.C.)
  • Year of Inauguration (26-27 A.D.)
  • Year of Popularity (27-28 A.D.)
  • Year of Opposition (28-29 A.D.)
  • Death and Resurrection (29 A.D.)

Contemplate now the most magnificent life ever lived. And he lives forever.